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Dear Dr. Warren,

I’m wanting you’ll help me to. I’ve never had an issue meeting women and fun on dates, but after about monthly or two, I’ve found my self getting jealous of some other guys, and it also only gets worse from that point. At first she’s going to think it is type of lovable, it turns out to be a proper issue. A female I really appreciated not too long ago dumped me over it, and it also put me personally because I thought we’d a great thing going. Within experience, is actually jealousy something that can go away as time passes together with the proper person, or is it really my character getting along these lines?
John in Tewksbury, MA


Dear John,

Thank you for the excellent concern. To begin with, I want to commend you for identifying a behavior in yourself you’ve observed is affecting your connections negatively. Second, I also wish to guarantee you that jealousy is one thing you can easily focus on so it does not have in the future between both you and somebody you may have powerful thoughts for.

Simply put, envy is actually a destructive feeling that can developed in several forms of conditions. When it takes place in intimate interactions and is guided toward other people who connect with your partner, it signals a fear about losing your partner to a potential opponent. That anxiety can be rooted in some type of insecurity you’ve got about your self about the item of one’s jealousy. Being envious of which your spouse interacts with is an indication of low self-esteem.

John, the first step to overcoming jealousy is always to understand your very own reasons, thus I want you to have some time and energy to consider the way you look at yourself—both great qualities and not-so-good characteristics.

First consider carefully your greatest traits and locations inside your life that you’re the majority of proud of. On your most readily useful day if you decided to describe the most positive characteristics, what can you say? Often it are a good idea to additionally ask a close friends or loved ones how they see you, also, because they are the source of even more objective details. If it helps, try creating a list.

Then, I want you to consider the insecurities you have about yourself along with your life. It can be tough to look at these correctly, but it is vital that you recognize that jealousy begins first with an overly adverse self-judgment. This negative wisdom will be in comparison to a notion of some other who you judge as a lot better than you somehow. These “better-than/less-than” comparisons result in the many harm to you in person before you begin to harm your relationships with other people.

When envious thoughts become jealous behaviors interactions are harmed. It could begin as a cold-shoulder or filthy appearances, but eventually escalates and erupts in bad opinions and accusations toward your partner by herself, even though this lady has accomplished nothing wrong. By misjudging your partner’s union fidelity or integrity, you might be accidentally disrespecting her. In healthier interactions, both partners choose to be with regards to mate—it is actually a choice—and confidence will be the connection that keeps them together and keeps destructive jealousy from the image.

The very next time you happen to be facing a situation wherein envious feelings toward another man begin to arise, I want you to do the following:



Jealousy is something that you can conquer to enable you to start to take pleasure in more content plus intimate relationships with females. Remember that while couple of would argue that nothing is just like the comfort of once you understand our partner “belongs” to all of us, the reality is that individuals “belong” every single other—by option. Jealous conduct can also be a choice, but it is certainly control. By using tips to conquer envy within connections, you’ll stop trying the necessity to control your spouse to meet your own personal fear, and you will in addition relieve your self from the all-consuming hold of jealousy that controls you.

Let us know the way you carry out.

Dr. Neil Clark Warren

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