Tagliatelle with tuna fish and white beans

Italians enjoy the food and that’s because they prepare our favorite pasta, pizza, spaghetti and other more. That’s why we from Di Alba decided to prepare a tuna fish dish that is both tasty and healthy.

Preparation time: 15min.
Quantity of products for 2 servings.


Salt and olive oil to taste
Sliced red onion
1 canned tuna fish / in own sauce /
White beans
Lemon juice
Italian parsley

Method of preparation:

    1. 1. Boil the tagliatelle.
    1. 2. Flavor the tagliatelle with salt and olive oil to taste and put them on the side.
    1. 3. Fry the sliced red onion. Add tuna fish and white beans to it.
    1. 4. Flavor with the lemon juice mixture and add the tagliatelle.
    1. 5. Finally, add the Italian parsley.
    1. 6. Serve.